Australian Exclusive  Distributor for Zapper Technology

EV Enterprises

ABN 24 423 936 755                  

10 Willison Str;


VIC 3153


Vit Sklenar                  

+61 499 923 945 mobile

+61 9720 0753 land line 


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Disclaimer - Declaration:

Super Ravo Zapper  ( SRZ)  and Plasma Genetor  RPZ 14 (15)  are the experimental frequency generators and not therapeutic devices.

Company Zapper Technology declares  and buyr  do agree that All legal consequences of  using    of  Super Ravo Zapper  and other producst of Zapper Technology  in ANY way  is buyer\s  own responsibility.

Neither manufacturer nor distributor is liable for any eventual negative effects concerning usage of Super Ravo ZAPPER, RPZ 14  or similasr . Using these devices  in any  way is purely   buyer's  own  responsibility.


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