Experimental Plasma Generator RPZ15 (14)  is NOT medical  or therapeutic device . It is an Experimental Frequency Generator  constructed on the principles  of Raymond  Rife discoveries and offered for further  exploration  of interested individuals or  associations -  any way of use and application  of this generator is a pure  responsibility  of buyer and manufacturer and distributor do not  have  any responsibility  for  effects  caused by use of this device .

After 3 years of  very intensive  and complicated work  the Z- Technology P/L  is  bringing  its own Plasma Generator , which  is so advanced  that  there is no match  on any equipment of this kind on the market ! This device is totally non-contactive and  its  range is 15 metres from the location of this device


Price of this unique device is A$ 8500 + transport charges.

Experimental Plasma generator RPZ 15 (14) 

Manufacturer  info  and technical description  and  parameters :

We present to you  photo  of our Plasma Generator RPZ 15 (14) .

This device uses principles of a non-contactive  transfer  of frequences  which was invented by  Royal Raymond Rife.

 We , at the Z-technology,  decided  to use  quite  different and unique  construction of plasma generator  and quite different and unique manufacturing process.

We started  construction of RPZ  three years ago ( now it is already version 15!). At that time  we did not want to have just average  device . We wanted to continue  with  the tradition  in order to have  the Plasma Generator  of the world top  quality. After few  incorectly  chosen circuits  we were succesfull  to develop  quite unique  circuits  and here we are proudly presenting to you   our  final  version of the product ! 

Generator  was working and has been  tested  since 6/2008 . So far the most succesfull  comercial  Plasma Generator on the market  from Canadian production  is capable  only up to max 200 kHz.

The holder of the  patent  for  the Rife/Bare  equipment ( American  inventor and constructor  James Bare)  is achieving maximum 500 kHz.

The Plasma Generator  is made  by  Czech  company Z - Technology  and  it does work  with ultimate  accuracy , without any distortion of the output  pulses  from 5 Hz up to 900 kHz .  We jumped straight  to  the first place  in the world . Up to now  no other  producers  are  able to construct such a  generator. 

James Bare  sent to us  a big congratulation   for such a great  shift in the development  of these devices  and  wishes us  success  in our futher activities in this field.
Construction  of this generator  is  in a real word  just " alchemy". All  has to be precise and accurate.Many components  are made  only for use in our generator  and development  of high voltage parts  was completely  made in USA as per our order. The output which  triggers  the plasma discharge  has 5000 - 8000 Volts and surges of the current  reach  few hundreds  Ampers.  . Construction  of our Plasma Generator  represents  very significant  shift  in this field. Tubes , which transmit pulses to the surrounding  space  of approximately 15 metres,  are made  with accurate  composition of rare gases . Gases which were used by Dr. R.R. Rife. Who was Royal Raymond Rife you can see here :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7HMG4yxGjI&feature=youtu.be

 You can not compare our RPZ  with  useless  toys on the market  which  works on the principle  of the  Tesla coil, just providing only likeable, sometime even  impressive  visual effects  but not  the real strength of the  plasma  current like our RPZ 15 (14) !
Up to now  our RPZ 15 (14)  is   just the most  irreproachable  devise of this kind  available at present time.

Technical parametres:

  • Supply voltage: 230V AC
  • Power consumption cca 300W (at 900kHz)
  • 350 pre-selections
  • effective output power at 900kHz: 225W
  • Instant  power  of the pulse  in higher frequency bend : cca. 7 kW
  • Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Life of plasma tube approximately officially by manufacturer  3000 hrs but 90%  of tubes  have life span   minimally  2x  as long.

Frequency range:

  • Lower band:
    • From 1 Hz to 999 Hz.
    • Setting of frequency  with  1 thousandth of  Hz accuracy .
    • Pulse lenght  3 us (mikroseconds).
  • Higher band:
    • From 1 kHz to 900 kHz.
    • Setting of frequency  with  1 thousandth of  kHz accuracy .
    • Pulse length  200 ns (nanoseconds).

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